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Get a Solar System for your home or business.
+ Save $100's on your monthly electric bill
+ Increase your home/business resale value
+ Save our country from its dependence on foreign oil
+ Save our planet for future generations
Easily the most satisfying purchase you'll make this year!
Harnessing the power of the sun to improve our lives!
Looking for a solar power system? We've got you!
  • Are you still paying high electricity bills every month to power your home or business?
  •  Did you know the Sun supplies enough free energy to our planet in one hour to satisfy all of humanity's current energy consumption for 1 year? 
  •  Then why aren't you using FREE electricity from the Sun and save tons of money... and our planet?
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Top Benefits Of Going Solar!
Reduce your electric bill
With a solar system guaranteed to produce FREE energy for the next 25+ years, you'll save tons of money, or even completely eliminate your home or business monthly electrical bill. 
It's a great investment
After recovering the costs of your solar system purchase in 5-7 years, all the savings become returns on your initial investments for another 20 years. That's an awesome ROI.
Protect the environment
Solar helps decrease the effects of carbon emissions on our planet. The cumulative global effect of all property owners going solar makes a lasting impact on protecting our planet.
Fossil fuel independence
The sun is a near-infinite and reliable source of energy and therefore will help reduce our country's dependence on foreign fuels, which are susceptible to frequent price fluctuations.
Create local jobs
Because solar systems installs cannot be outsourced elsewhere, most installers are local small businesses employing numbers of skilled workers within their community. You can help keep them employed.
Improve CSR
Consumers and communities are recognizing and rewarding businesses that operate responsibly. “Green” credentials are a powerful driver of consumer purchasing decisions.
It is easy to get solar energy. We'll show you how.
1. Solar PV panels capture sunlight, causing electrons in the panel’s silicon cells to release energy that becomes direct current (DC) electricity. 
2. An inverter converts the DC into alternating current (AC) electricity, making it useable at home or a business. 
3. Excess electricity can be stored in a battery or fed back into the power grid. 
4. Additional electricity can be pulled from the grid if you need more power than your solar panels can generate. 
"Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something." Carl Sagan
A Few Ways To Use Solar Power
On the rooftop of your home or residential building
Mounted on the ground,
your patio or backyard
Small or large car parking lot
or charging station
Commercial or apartment building
Community or industrial power plant
Large utility-scale
power plant
Four ways to finance your solar system
1. Cash Purchase
  • One-time upfront costs to install solar system 
  • 3-5 year payback period of system
  • Fastest Return on investment
  •  FREE energy for 20+ years
  • You own the system outright
2. Public Financing
  • Use available bank or government loan options
  • Government subsidized loans and incentives possible
  • Loan assessed and guaranteed by solar property
  • No/low monthly energy costs for 20+ years
  • You own the system
3. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Zero upfront costs
  • Full turnkey system
  • Only pay for energy used
  • Locked-in rate of energy costs for 15+ years
  • Third party owns and maintains the solar system
4. Lease to own option
  • Zero upfront costs
  • Guaranteed payment schedule for years
  • Option to buy out and own system
  • No/low monthly energy costs for 15+ years
  • Third party owns and manages solar system
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